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Outdoor Gear Technical Info

We always welcome questions and if you are not sure about the outdoor gear or travel accessories you need please send us an email.

Sleeping Bags

Temperature ratings for sleeping bags.

Please note that the temperature ratings on the sleeping bags is for guidance only. These are the figures quoted by the manufacturer. Everyone sleeps differently, think about what you will need exactly before choosing your bag. Please look at our guide on choosing a sleeping bag.

At Walk and Travel we supply Snugpak Synthetic Sleeping Bags and Rab Down Sleeping Bags. Two extremely good quality makes of British sleeping bags. Further to this we also do the Hi Gear range of cheap value for money sleeping bags.

Synthetic Sleeping bags

Snugpak Synthetic Sleeping Bags

Temperature rated at two different levels - comfort rating and extreme rating.
The table below details their temperature rating and pack weight for the models that we stock at Walk and Travel.


Comfort temp

Low temp


 Snugpak Softie Chrysalis Micro

 15c - 5c



 Snugpak Softie Chrysalis Kilo

 10c - 0c



 Snugpak Softie 3




 Snugpak Softie 4




 Snugpak Travelpak Lite




 Snugpak Travelpak Traveller




Snugpak Technik 2 

 -2c  -7c  1500g

Snugpak Sleeping Bag temperature guides are for guidance only and are drawn from their thirty years experience and from customer feedback. They have also been tested Universities and specialist test institutions in the UK and Europe in accordance with practices laid out by the European Outdoor Group and EN 13537. The comfort figure assumes you will be sleeping lightly clothed in PJ's or thermal base layer in a tent on a good quality sleeping mat. Remember though, there are many variables involved in a good nights sleep such as fitness level and metabolism rates.

Rab Down Sleeping Bags

Rab Down Sleeping Bags

 Model Comfort temp rating  Weight 
 Rab Quantum 250 0c  630g 
 Rab Quantum 400 -5c  850g
 Rab Quantum 400 Women's -5c  820g 
 Rab Quantum 600 -12c  1115g 
 Rab Quantum 600 Women's -12c  1085g 

Rab Quantum Sleeping Bags are some of the lightest in their class. This is achieved through using the best 96% goose down with a fill power of 750+EU/850+US ratings. This is how the loft is rated in the bag. The higher the fill power the better the loft, therefore trapping more air and being more efficient in insulating giving a good warmth to rate ratio for down with a higher fill power. The Rab Quantum Down Sleeping bags are made from Pertex Quantum Fabric with a lightweight mesh on the baffle walls. The baffle walls stop the down moving around in the bag.

Want to know how to look after your sleeping bag? Please look at our product care pages for sleeping bags.

Outdoor gear repair products

McNett Seamgrip

DIRECTIONS Seam Sealing:

CLEAN surfaces with Seam Grip®  seam cleaner or isopropyl alcohol. APPLY Seam Grip® to inside of seam. Apply thin film, holding tube opening flat against seam. Lightly squeeze and draw tube across threads. Seam Grip® may also be applied with brush. Use brush to even out any heavily coated areas. LET DRY overnight (approximately 12 hours may be longer in low humidity. For 2-hour dry time, mix small batches of Seam Grip® with Cotol-240™. Apply with brush. Mix new batches as needed. STORAGE: Wipe cap clean, advance contents to tube neck and cap securely. Store in cool, dry place. CLEAN-UP: Clean hands with isopropyl alcohol NOTE: Fully- cured Seam Grip® may cling to itself when folded. After first application, lightly dust fully-cured areas with Pro-Talc™ or talcum powder.

Info courtesy of the McNett Website 

Walk and Travel also stock other McNett Products

McNett Freesole

Urethane Formula Shoe and Walking Boot Repair Product. This product is an excellent way of repairing soles that are coming away from your boot or shoes. To use, clean the area with paint thinner or similar product. For thick repairs at edge of sole or heel, place removable tape around the edge to form a dam. Squeeze freesole into the area to be repaired and level with a stick. Keep the repair facing up and level until the Freesole becomes solid. Remove tape. Allow thin repairs to cure overnight. This boot repair product dries to a flexible rubber in just two hours with their accelerator. Under normal conditions you need to leave the repair to cure for around 24-48 hours for thick repairs. For sole separations, apply to both surfaces, allow to dry for 15 minutes, join and hold surfaces together over night with a clamp or with tape.

McNett Gore Tex Patches

This little repair kit helps to fix small holes in your Gore Tex jacket, over trousers or other waterproof breathable item. To use clean and dry area to be repaired, remove paper backing, overlap by at least 12mm (1/2 inch) apply patch onto repair over flat surface, rub patch from the centre out. Garment can be used immediately, though it does take 12 - 24 hours to strengthen.

McNett Tenacious Tape

Aggressive adhesive repair tape. Clean and dry area to be repaired. Trim loose threads. Join torn edges of material, cut tape to appropriate size (overlapping in all directions by around 25mm) Round the edges of the tape, remove the paper backing and apply to the damaged area. Tenacious Tape can be applied to the inside or outside surface. After applying rub the tape with pressure in a circular motion from the centre out. Item may be used immediately and will be at full strength in 24 hours.

Travel Plug Adapters

Travel Plug Adapters for different countries.

You're off somewhere exciting and you need to know what Travel Plug Adapter to take. At Walk and Travel we sell the range of Design Go Travel Plug Adapters. The table below will tell you what country each adapter covers. If you can't find what you are looking for, please email me and I'll see if I can find out what adapter you need.

Design Go Adaptour 2000 EEC Countries, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the Far East, Scandinavia, Morocco, Russia, Tunisia, Turkey, Central and parts of South America and many islands of the Caribbean. Suitable for use in parts of Brazil, Indonesia, India and Israel.
Design Go Continental Adapter EEC Countries, Scandinavia, Morocco, India, Tunisia, Turkey, Parts of Brazil, Russia, Indonesia, Israel
Design Go Trans World Adapter USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Central and parts of South America, many islands of the Caribbean and the Far East.
Design Go Foreign Visitor Converts most two and three pin foreign plugs to the UK Electrical System
Design Go UK-SA Adapter Converts British, American, Australian, and Far East 2 and 3 pin plugs to the South African socket outlet system

Please note that none of these travel plug adapters convert voltage.