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Outdoor Advice

General Travel Tips

  • Learn some of the language of where you are going: main phrases like, please, thank you, no, yes, how are you. Take a little phrase book it will get you a lng way and will be lots of fun.
  • Lay everything out you are going to take with you, then half it, then double the amount of money you think you will spend!
  • Unsure about going on your own? Book an overland truck trip as an intrduction to a country or your travels, then head off independantly after that
  • Always have an open mind and remember you will always makes friends as you go.
  • Try not to get bitten by any strange insects - it can really really hurt and you might end up with a massive scar! - Kirstie
  • Don't get too drunk the night before you have to leave an island when there is only one boat a day! -Kirstie

Things to take travelling and why:

These are general tips - if you have something you want to add please email me and I will include the best ones.

Head torch  – so you don’t wake everyone up in the dorm by putting the light on when you are packing your bag for an early start. How about when you need the toilet and there is no light? Two hands are better than one.

Face cloth/Flannel – this is one of my favourites. A cotton face cloth will just about dry you when you have had a shower, it will dry quickly and it washes easily. I must have voiced this at a family dinner once, and ended up with a Thomas the Tank Engine flannel accompanying me on my travels. I was distraught for days when I left it in Indonesia. Still take a travel towel for the beaches and those moments when modesty is a necessity.

Gaffa/Duck Tape – fanctastic for fixing things, like mosquito nets and bags. Super tough and super sticky. I use this to stick my mozzie net to the wall of many a hotel and in some, pulling half the wall down with the tape when I want to leave. Oops. Be careful.

Dental Floss – do you know how tough this stuff is? Great for sewing things up, replacement laces, draw cords, washing lines and helping prevent tooth decay.

Watch – obvious? You would think so, but in the dreamy world of 'I'm travelling I don’t care about time' you may just forget it. You’ll also forget to get to the airport on time, trains on time, get up...

Clothes Pegs - you'll do some washing as you go, and you don't want it blowing away! (Unless you have a pegless clothes line) Great for sealing bags back up as well as drunken fun like seeing how long you can wear them on your ears!

Rehydration Solution - great as a pick me up after drinking and of course for if you are ill or sweating too much - Jo

Wet wipes - refreshing but good if you need to get a stain out of your clothes, also useful make up remover, wound cleaner - Jo

Clickers for mozzie bites are a godsend - Kirsty


Jo’s Travel Tips:

Read her story: Travel Reviews - Travel Solo

Have a flexible ticket so that the length of your stay can be changed as you travel.

  • Reserve a room for your first few nights in a country.
  • Give yourself time to come to terms with your new surroundings and situation.
  • Learn the basics of the local language.
  • If possible, book yourself on a group tour for the first week away.
  • Ask locals and fellow travellers for tips along the way.
  • Watch your belongings. When you travel put everything of personal value in a daypack and keep hold of it at all times. If it has to go on the ground, put your feet through the straps. Keep it padlocked.
  • Do not put yourself in dangerous situations.
  • Don’t be scared to change your plans.
  • Trust your instinct.

Jo has been travelling for many years, these tips are from her first trip. This trip then led her to take a job as an overland truck driver. The overlanding took her to some of the most beautiful places in South America followed by more of the same (if you could say that) overlanding across the African continent